Leaving the Huntridge

by freesoulJAH

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Leaving the Huntridge (2011): After several albums of experimentation focused on blurring the line between instruments and vocals, FreesoulJAH embraces a cappella on his fourth album. Almost entirely composed of vocal-based tracks (guitar only shows up on “Backhand Wave”), “Leaving the Huntridge” is a semi-narrative concept album built around the literal and metaphorical idea of the voice. It’s literal, as almost every track consists of FreesoulJAH singing over loops of his own voice distorted into guitar, bass and drum-like effects; but it’s also metaphorical, as the songs focus on the story of FreesoulJAH’s arrest and eventual release for civil disobedience. “What number is secure?” he asks a cop on the opening “Huntridge Blues Song,” which riffs on Tom Waits’s beatnik storytelling style, before calling for the people to “Stand up, get up” in the face of a “land of nuclear proliferation” in the next track. By the end, as he chants “Welcome Home,” it’s hard to tell if the voices are praising FreesoulJAH’s release from jail, or mankind’s release from the prison of capitalism and lapsed consciousness.


released June 19, 2011

All Songs written, recorded and produced by freesoulJAH





Blending modern indie and lo-fi production style with late-1960s agitprop folk, FreesoulJAH’s guitar, loop and vocal based songs hypnotize, inspire and empower. His simple, mantra-like lyrics cut through the barriers of poetry and ambiguity to “speak truth to power” and offer a light in the darkness. ... more

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Track Name: The Huntridge Blues Song
The Huntridge Blues Song

Hello there kind sir or madam,
thank you for joining me tonight.
Or if it's the morning, thank you for coming so early.
Otherwise, thank you, none-the-less.
I have a story to tell you,
I must confess.
Oh, it's kind of a sad one.
but it's a true one.
And let me tell you
I'm not the bad one.
But I was walking down the street one day
with a guitar in my hand.
And my hair was quite long and my beard was grown out
and my hair was matted
well, that's how nature made it.
And I am not living in a nature like city.
I am living with buildings and lights and gambling machines
and things that just seem to crush upon my soul.
Yet I live here and I have my own control
I don't need them pressing my buttons
to hit gamble this and gamble that
cash out, cash in.
Let me tell you baby
I always win,
because I bet on myself.

And there's the background to the story,
and here I was walking down the street
with my guitar
and here I was
just being myself
in my own neighborhood,
and what do you know it?
I waited for the light to change
and I waited for the cars next to me to start moving
so I could travel with them
like my blockers if I was on a football field.
But I was not on a football field,
this was on a sidewalk.
And I was in the street walking
and I felt safe,
because I was watching
for my own safety,
and I was watching for the lights to change.
And I moved forward with the green light
and there was a police officer who saw this movement
and he decided to turn on his own lights.
They flashed upon me like rays of fire from hell.
And what did he do?
He said, "You sir, broke the law."
And I said, "How dare you? I did not break any law."
And you know what he did?
He pointed his finger at me and said, "Give me your social security number!"
What number might that be, my good friend, officer?
What number is secure, my good friend, officer?
And I refused because hey, that's just me.
And he put me in his handcuffs
and my son was crying
and my love was taking pictures.
And you know what?
All he could do was try to make me afraid of him.
That's the only thing he could do, was try.
And it did not work.
No it did not,
I was not afraid of him.
I was only saddened
by watching my tears of my son flow down his cheek
and they were my tears as well.
Track Name: Stand the Fuck Up!
Stand the Fuck Up!

Why is it that I feel this aggression?
I think I need a new revolution
I can't change my world with observation
I need to jump in and get in action

Stand up
Get up

Words and phrases clutter up imagination
In this land of nuclear proliferation
mankind sits on the verge of his own destruction
yet the propaganda flows without interruption

Stand up
Get up

The mind is listed as an inner sanctum
So why shouldn't I fight to protect it?
The police sirens force their way in
What ever happened to the constitution?

Stand up
Get up
Track Name: Barehanded Wave
Barehanded Wave

I know sometimes it feels like I'm in a dream
yeah, yeah
somewhere in between
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
in between
there's no refuge from the wicked
'cause they're standing at my backdoor
my backdoor
my backdoor
my door
they're breaking through
what's a man supposed to do?
what do I comprehend when they're coming in?
what do I comprehend?
in my barehands
my barehands
Track Name: Goofball Central
Goofball Central

goofball central....wierd...
Track Name: I Love You
I Love YOu

I love
I love you
I love you means that I love you
I love
I love
I love you
I love you means we are lovely
I love you means we are something
I love you means we are glowing
I love
I love
I love you
I love you means we are peaceful
I love you means we are graceful
I love you means we are truthful
I love
I love
I love you
I love you means you with me
I love you means you are in me
I love you means we are being
I love
I love
I love you
I love you means we are happy
I love you means we are growing
I love you means we are living
I love
I love
I love you
I love you - you grow into me
I love you - I grow into you
I love you - we grow together
I love
I love
I love you
I love you that means that I love you
I love you means that I love you
Track Name: No Substitute
No Substitute

Ain't no substitute for you
there ain't no substitute

Try to fill that space
where you, where you left your hole
Let me tell you baby
that I want you more and more
I try to find something
just to hold my head on for a while
But what I found is...

There ain't no substitute for you
There ain't no substitute

Nothing can sub in your place
You've got that special taste
and let me tell you baby
I'll hold your place

There ain't no substitute for you
There ain't no substitute

Looking all around this room
trying to smell your smell
Trying to get a vision of you
just so I can tell you that...

There ain't no substitute for you
There ain't no substitute

Baby, when I'm lying in my bed
your face is running through my head
and I've got to give you a little kiss
cuz baby you're the one that I miss

There ain't no substitute for you
There ain't no substitute

Baby, your love is what I crave
And I tell you this and I'm gonna make it
gonna be a hard time but I'm gonna take it
cuz you are my One
Baby, your the One
and I am only here just for you too
cuz you know it's true
There ain't no substitute

There ain't no substitute for you
There ain't no substitute
Track Name: Welcome Home
Welcome Home

I want to welcome you home
welcome home

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